Toxicological testing using epithelial 3D in vitro test systems

Next to the often used epidermal, three-dimensional reconstructed tissue models a growing number of epithelial 3D in vitro test systems are used for toxicological testing.
The healthy human skin protects the internal body tissues against adverse toxicological effects of the outside world. In contrast the main function of human epithelia centers on the exchange or assimilation of nutrients, gases and other substances. This is important for the toxicological evaluation of (medical) devices and substances with direct or indirect contact to epithelial tissues. These increased material exchange / substance penetration rates could possibly elevate the toxicological risks of materials with contact to epithelial tissues.

CYTOX performs toxicological testing of substances and materials with epithelial contact on the following 3D reconstructed, human epithelia tissue constructs

human, epithelial 3D in vitro model:used for testing of:
Gingival Epitheliumdental, orthodontic products
Oral Epitheliumdental materials, respiratory masks, respiratory tubes etc...
Corneal Epitheliumophthalmological products, cosmetics, soaps, etc. ; alternative to Draize-Test !
Vaginal Epitheliumgynecological products, medical devices for reproductive medicine, hygiene products

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